About me

PhD in IR/NLP at TU Delft

Hello there!

My name is Arthur Barbosa Câmara, and I’m a PhD candidate at the Web Information Systems group at TU Delft, advised by professor Claudia Hauff.

My main research interests are Information Retrieval and NLP. Specifically how these two interact, and how we can better bridge the gap between clasical IR (like BM25 and QL) and modern NLP (like Transformers), improving the overall user experience in complex task retrieval scenarios.

I have a BSc and a MSc in Computer Science from the Computer Science department at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, with the LAboratory for Treating INformation, advised by professor Rodrygo Santos.

I also have industry experience as a Lead Data Scientist, working for both startups and large companies.

Random Tidbits

  • I have Type 1 Diabetes (the one that my imune system randomly attacks my pancreas for whathever reason), and one of my favorite hobbies is to fiddle around my gadget setup for managing my condition. Currently, I’m running and open source software that automatically tracks my glucose from a glucose sensor, calculates how much insulin my body needs and send this command to an insulin pump. (In case you are curious this is the software I’m running)

  • I’m a big space nerd. Meaning, I love to read everything about space exploration and sci-fi. I’m always watching (and sometimes cheering for) rocket launches.

  • For a short period of time, I ran my own startup. It was a nice recommender system for bars and restaurants, using NLP for classifying restaurants based on user and professional reviews. We used word embeddings before it was cool. Today, the company still exists, and my former partners (and currently big friends) are running a completely different business

  • I’m always jumping between iOS and Android devices.

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