Arthur Câmara

PhD in Information Retrieval NLP at TU Delft

Diagnosing bert with retrieval heuristics

Recently, my first full paper as a PhD got accepted at ECIR. It mainly discusses how IR got taken by storm by Transformers (Follow this for more information on these) and on how we can analyse these methods using axioms-based techniques. [Read More]

BERT, XLNet and where to go with current NLP research

Anyone that is at least slightly interested in Natural Language Processing has already probably heard about BERT, (or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers). Together with the original Transformer paper and other, newer, models, these new neural approaches have been sweeping every single leaderboard available for NLP. [Read More]

from __future__ import PhD

Hey there! I’m a PhD candidate at the Web Information Systems group at TU Delft, advised by professor Claudia Hauff. My main interests are in Informatio Retrieval and Natural Language Processing. [Read More]